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Mcintyre van der post

Welcome to McIntyre Van der Post, one of Bloemfontein’s most established law firms. We are dedicated to providing a range of quality legal and associated services. Our focus is to serve the residents of our city & province by providing effective legal solutions.

Welcome to

van der post

Two firms of attorneys, McIntyre & Watkeys and Wiley van der Post, both established in the 19th Century, amalgamated on 1 March 1957 and the new firm, McIntyre & Van der Post came into being. In the subsequent 60-odd years we have grown and developed further, offering an even wider range of legal services. Today we are a large firm of attorneys that specialises in Property, Estates, Collections, Commercial Law, Family Law and General Litigation.

Change calls for innovation. Innovation leads to progress. Concepts that we embrace.




practice areas


Property Law

Assistance with all property (movable and immovable) related transactions including the financing and transfer of ownership thereof.

Commercial Law

The rights, relations and conduct of people and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade and sales.

Court Department

All personal and corporate litigation in the Magistrates’ Court, Regional Court, High Court and Supreme Court of Appeal.

Estates and Wills

The process of arranging and drafting all legal documentation regarding the management and disposal of deceased or insolvent estates.

Family Law

Legal process relating to family relationships such as adoption, divorce, child custody, child support and all related legal matters.

Debt Collection

Legal assistance and advice for creditors and debtors relating to the process and execution of the collection of outstanding debts.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing a range of quality legal and associated services to the entire community in accordance with its expectations and changing needs.



We direct all our efforts towards achieving a particular goal.



We are wholeheartedly dedicated and loyal to each cause, activity or challenge.



We are able to successfully produce a desired or intended result, because we are trained professionals.



We devote our individual time and energy towards each specific client.


05 Nov: Buying a Used Car – Your Rights

Buying a used vehicle will never be an entirely risk-free business, but what happens when, after forking out good money for what turns out to be a total dud, you are fobbed off by the seller with a dismissive “sorry, it’s your problem and your loss”?

05 Nov: A costly case of buyer’s remorse

Buying or selling property is a big deal for most of us, and no one wants to be in the position of a couple who, having viewed a house advertised as “a renovator’s dream”, signed an offer to purchase immediately but then changed their minds.

Social Media 4
11 Sep: How to stop someone damaging your good name on social media

What’s the best way to protect yourself from someone out to damage your reputation? We’ll analyse several legal options available to us with reference to a recent High Court case in which a property developer was being attacked on both a WhatsApp group and Facebook by a fired contractor.

Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both.
– Eleanor Roosevelt –


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12 Barnes St., Westdene
Bloemfontein, 9301

McIntyre Van der Post Inc.
Registration number: 1998/002098/21