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New General Valuation Roll for properties published

A new General Valuation Roll (GVR) for properties in the Mangaung Metro Municipality has been published and is open for inspection by all properties owners.

The Valuation Roll records all the properties within our Metro and forms the basis on which the Metro charges rates for each month. Each property value is linked to its market value, which is a determinant of the rates payable by each owner. If the municipal valuation increases, then the amount paid by owners each month for rates will also increase, and vice versa.

A Valuation Roll is valid for five years and property rates will be calculated on the same value for that period unless changes have been made that may affect the value of the property.

The Mangaung Metro property owners, or anyone who so desires, have until the 20th of May 2022 to lodge an objection with the Municipal Manager if they are of the view that the valuation does not reflect the market value of their property or any matter reflected in, or omitted from, the valuation roll within the abovementioned period. An objection must be in relation to a specific individual property and cannot be lodged against the valuation roll as a whole.

Note that there are two Rolls, one for sectional title properties (flats, townhouses, duets etc) and one for erven, plots and farms. Property owners can navigate +/-700 pages long Rolls using the Ctrl+Alt+F function to search for their specific council reference number to view the details pertaining to the property, alternatively, they can search on their surnames, street names, erf number or sectional title scheme’s name.

Download forms:

Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality – General Valuation Roll (2022 / 2026) – All properties (28 MB)

Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality – General Valuation Roll (2022 / 2026) – Sectional Title (5 MB)

Form A: Residential

Form B: Properties other than residential or agricultural

Form C: Agricultural Holdings or farms

For any assistance in this regard, please feel free to contact us at the following contact details:

Portia Majosi
Telephone: 082 7711 739

Lizanne van der Walt
Telephone: 083 394 1900

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