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Employers: Don’t Miss Your Employment Equity Report Deadline!

Before you close up for the year, remember that if you are a “designated” employer, your Employment Equity Act (“EEA”) Report is due on 15 January 2023.

Failure to comply carries substantial penalties so don’t miss this deadline.

You are likely to be a designated employer if either

  • You have 50 or more employees, or
  • Your annual turnover equals or exceeds your particular industry’s threshold. See the table below for details
Source – Schedule 4 to the Employment Equity Act

There’s good news for some SMEs in the pipeline

Good news for smaller businesses drowning in red tape it that it seems likely that the threshold test will fall away at the end of September 2023. If you have less than 50 employees, that would let you off the reporting hook from October next year. But for now, if you are in the turnover net, meet the 15 January deadline.

Bear in mind also that all employers, designated or not, must comply with the EEA’s strict prohibitions against unfair discrimination.