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Family Law


Andre Venter – 082 7711 718
Lawrence Cato – 082 7711 717
Lizmari de Villiers – 078 423 6594

Legal process relating to family relationships such as adoption, divorce, child custody, child support and all related legal matters.

Services Include:

Family law is a very emotional matter and should be dealt with by your attorney and not the client in person as emotions cloud judgment. Contact either Andre Venter or Lawrence Cato to arrange for an appointment to discuss any of the aspects herein and also to explain the costs implications. It goes without saying that all consultations and discussions of any nature whatsoever will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

General information

When You Need an Attorney
Experience has taught that many people struggle with issues that are easily resolved if advice is gained from your attorney resulting in considerable emotional relief.

Such instances include:
1. Divorces
2. Domestic Violence
3. Matters pertaining to the status of children which include, custody, rights of access to children, guardianship and financial obligations.
4. Bringing and defending Maintenance Claims.
5. Adoption
6. Children’s Court Matters

Please Note:
• Maintenance needs change as circumstances change.
• As minor children grow older all aspects pertaining to them change.
• Domestic violence is an aspect that the law protects jealously in the form of an Order to Compel the perpetrator not to act illegally.
• It is imperative to obtain advice from your attorney and not to act in person.