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Estates and Wills


Stefan Du Preez – 082 7711 728
Anzel Weihmann – 082 925 8834

Estate Consultant:

Nadine Heyneke – 051 50 50 252

The process of arranging and drafting all legal documentation regarding the management and disposal of deceased or insolvent estates.

Services Include:

• Estate Planning
• Drafting of wills
• Administration of deceased estates
• Winding up of insolvent estates, liquidated companies and close corporations

General Information

Why is a Will such an important document?

What happens to your assets and liabilities after your death? Will you have sufficient funds to care for your family? What are the implications surrounding liquidity of your Estate and your tax obligations? Will the persons that you want to inherit your Estate, receive their inheritance? Who will be the guardian of your minor children?

Important factors to be taken into account include:

• Having a valid will and the practical implications thereof.
• Choice of Executor
• Without a valid will your heirs will be appointed in terms of the Law of Intestate Succession.
• Cash flow in your Estate
• Estate Duty to be paid
• Whether all documentation is in place in the event of you passing away.

McIntyre Van Der Post’s Estate Department consists of a team of experts whose objective it is to deliver quality service and to get involved with our clients and their heirs in relation to the following:

• Specialised estate planning
• Drafting of Wills
• The administration of Estates
• Registration of inter vivos and testamentary trusts.
• Expediting the winding-up process of an Estate.
• Personal attention by a person known to your heirs.