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Debt Collection


Lishè Swartz – 084 7707 840
Derk van Vuuren – 082 7711 727
Natasha Lamprecht – 072 119 9080

Legal assistance and advice for creditors and debtors relating to the process and execution of the collection of outstanding debts.

Whether you are in need of high volume collections, or whether it is a single debtor that owes you money, we will be able to assist you in collecting what is lawfully due to you.

We are experts in the increasingly specialised and legislated field of debt collection and cater for clients with collection needs ranging from school fees, tertiary education fees, levies due to bodies corporate, rental income, fees owing to medical professionals and debt owing to individuals.

We understand that cash flow is the heart of any business and that prompt collection of debt is of the utmost importance.

Naturally the needs of clients may differ and we therefore offer a tailor-made package that caters for your specific needs and requirements but which is at the same time as accommodating towards your debtors as you may require.

We have dedicated and well trained collection assistants that utilise the latest technology and resources to ensure that we are able to locate debtors and their assets and to offer you the service that you expect.

Services Include:

• Collection of debts
• Proof of claims against insolvent estates

General information

The Process
Once you hand over a debtor, the following process, in broad terms, will ensue:

• Proper evaluation of your claim and supporting documentation to ensure that it is in order and that we have everything we need to proceed with the collection.
• Making contact with the debtor to explain the consequences of his/her default and arrange a consultation to have an acknowledgement of debt signed incorporating an affordable payment plan.
• Compliance with the National Credit Act.
• Issuing of summons while the leads are still hot.
• Obtaining a court order to attach the debtor’s assets to sell same at an auction.
• Obtaining a court order, if necessary, to attach part of the debtor’s income.

Why Us?
• With many years of experience we have developed effective collection methods.
• We have access to various data basis including those of the various credit bureaus.
• We cater for your specific collection needs and do not merely follow a generic approach to collections.
• Often we choose the “out of court” collection process or, if necessary, the court sanctioned process , always aiming to satisfy your needs as quickly and cost effective as possible.
• Our professional and efficient approach will get you on board in no time.

We Recommend:
• That you have a proper credit application signed before you do business on credit.
• That you obtain as much as possible personal particulars and contact information of your customer beforehand.
• That you hand over the claim immediately after your credit terms have been exceeded.
• That you always keep a proper paper trail of transactions with supporting documentation readily available.
• That, as far as possible, you confirm telephone calls and other discussions by e-mail.